One Bank, Two Banks, Three Banks More – Welcome Kansas Bankers!

More bankers in Kansas have decided it is time for a change. In one month’s time, three Kansas banks selected BankOnIT’s Bankers Private Cloud® service to help them gain efficiencies, spend less time on IT and get better results than what they have previously been able to achieve.

Less Than 500 Banks in the USA?

IT and Compliance are More Challenging to Manage

The CEO of Prosperity Bank in Houston, David Zalman, stated in an SNL Daily Dose article that there may only be 500 banks within 25 years due to the increased burden smaller banks have in managing IT and compliance.

Serverless Computing

What if you never had to buy another server - ever again?

Imagine being able to grow, change and modify your bank’s computing needs at any time without worry of being tied to the historical limitations inherent in owning and running old-style servers. Did you know other bankers are already benefitting from these capabilities?

Serverless Computing allows you to do exactly that, and it’s a service in place today only for BankOnIT clients.

Another Illinois Bank Signs up for BankOnIT’s Service

This Illinois bank came to BankOnIT because they needed a cost-effective, high-quality service to support its IT functions as they grow. BankOnIT allows banks to obtain IT as a service; providing enhanced security, better regulatory compliance and improved efficiency with infinite scalability to support the growth and strategic goals of the bank. BankOnIT was founded through the efforts of a group of bankers who saw a need to have information technology capabilities specifically designed to meet the needs of banks. This is what the bank’s Chairman had to say:

More Colorado, Kansas and Missouri Banks Choose BankOnIT

Bankers from Colorado, Kansas and Missouri recently chose BankOnIT’s Bankers Private Cloud® service to manage their information technology needs. This affords them more capabilities while being able to devote less time to IT.

BankOnIT Deploys Virtual Engineers

BankOnIT has implemented a new service into its Banker’s Private Cloud® solution that allows technical issues to be addressed more accurately, more efficiently and with faster resolution times for client banks. These improved capabilities are only available through BankOnIT’s own virtual engineers.

The Bankers Private Cloud® Virtual Engineers utilize artificial intelligence (AI) decision support systems while simultaneously working alongside human engineers. The combination provides capabilities that are not possible with people or AI systems alone.

BankOnIT Internal Audit Manager Gains CISA Certification

Sharon Bracken, Internal Audit Manager at BankOnIT, successfully passed the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification exam and has completed all requirements to become CISA-certified.

BankOnIT Announces Bankers Private Cloud® Threat Mitigation Shield

BankOnIT has released the Bankers Private Cloud® Threat Mitigation Shield to help client banks better defend themselves against the rapidly increasing number of cybersecurity risks, such as ransomware, the financial industry is threatened with.