How Do You Want to Spend Your Time?

There are 24 hours in a day, every day of the year. Have you thought about how you want to spend the 24 hours you are given each day? You could spend time planting pansies or peonies, but you save time and get a better result when you hire a firm that has the knowledge and reputation for making businesses look their best with landscaping rather than planting the petunias yourself. Information technology at a bank is similar. When your bank has an issue, or it’s time for upgrades, do you have the time or expertise to analyze the servers, firewalls, data circuits, regulations, policies and all the other components your bank’s network needs to provide the best security, reliability and regulatory compliance?

Landscapers can’t plant more hours into the day. BankOnIT can’t either, but we can reduce the amount of time and effort you have to dedicate to IT, while providing you better results.

Consider the following examples of how BankOnIT helps its client banks get better results than what they could achieve on their own while enabling bankers to spend less time on IT.

• Software Vendors – How much time do you or your staff spend installing software updates or resolving technical issues with your software vendors? Why spend time doing that yourself when BankOnIT could handle the issue for you? BankOnIT is experienced working with third-party vendors to identify issues and resolve them as efficiently as possible.

• Data Communications - Remember when you dealt with a down data line? Of course you do because between sitting on hold for hours and making multiple calls it took a significant amount of time to fix. BankOnIT monitors data connections for banks 24/7/365 and takes action when a circuit is down or found to be underperforming, providing better reliability and reducing the amount of time your staff has to spend on resolving these issues.

• Policies and Regulations – Imagine your next exam is coming up. It’s time to make sure policies are up-to-date and meet the newest regulations. Do you remember the weeks you spent reading new regulations, writing policies and trying to understand the new Cybersecurity Assessment Tool? You’re not a lawyer or a policy writer, you’re a banker. Why hassle with that when BankOnIT has experienced staff who can provide policies designed specifically for your bank and help you meet new regulatory requirements such as preparing the FFIEC Cybersecurity Inherent Risk Assessment. We’ll help you prepare for your exams, acting as a resource to help you before, during and after the exam.

How do you want to spend your time? Growing petunias and your bank’s IT department, or growing your bank’s bottom line?

BankOnIT client banks can rest easily knowing they have secure, efficient and reliable information technology systems combined with the help needed to assist with ever changing regulatory requirements. For more information, please contact us at 800-498-8877, or