Another Illinois Bank joins BankOnIT Community

Another Illinois bank recently joined BankOnIT’s Bankers Private Cloud® service.

BankOnIT created and provides the Bankers Private Cloud®, an exclusive solution for banks that improves efficiency, reliability and information security while minimizing a bank’s risk – including regulatory and strategic risks.

The President and CEO at this newest client bank, looks to the increases in cyber risk as an important reason for keeping up with IT.

“Cyber threats are increasing – we know that. I don’t know how a rural community bank can hire and retain the type of employees with the skillsets we need to effectively manage IT today. The fact that BankOnIT’s service is specialized to banks made our board confident that BankOnIT is the right decision for us.”
- President and CEO of new Illinois client bank

BankOnIT combines banking background with an in-depth understanding of technology through its staff of former bankers, banking law and technical experts. This unique approach enables BankOnIT to deliver the latest technology in a way that anticipates a banker’s needs, is compliant with the latest regulations and improves the financial institution’s efficiency.

“If your bank is going to be a viable entity you have to have a credible way to protect your bank, your shareholders and your customers,” the President and CEO said. “Having access to the high level of expertise BankOnIT brings to the table is a requirement.”

Client banks can rest easy, knowing they have secure, efficient and reliable information technology systems combined with the help needed to assist with ever-changing regulatory requirements.
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