BankOnIT and Friends of Traditional Banking: First Corporate Friendship

Friends of Traditional Banking (FOTB) and BankOnIT are excited to announce that BankOnIT, a bank network technology firm that focuses on helping traditional banks, has signed on as the founding Corporate Friend of Friends of Traditional Banking.

“Our interests and goals are very much aligned,” Robert Mendez, EVP at BankOnIT, said. “Both Friends of Traditional Banking and BankOnIT are focused on helping traditional banks to achieve results that they could not otherwise obtain on their own, and we could not be more excited to support FOTB’s mission. BankOnIT unites banks to enhance their capabilities in Information Technology, while FOTB unites banks to magnify their impact on Congress.”

John Boyer, Chairman of Friends of Traditional Banking and Chairman & CEO of $210 million Kanza Bank in Kansas added, “FOTB is thrilled to have BankOnIT as a founding Corporate Friend. They know how important banks like ours are in the community and understand the challenges we face in today’s regulatory environment.”
This new relationship will allow BankOnIT to share industry insights with FOTB members, and will also help FOTB in their efforts to encourage support for pro-traditional banking Congressional candidates.

Brad Swickey, President & CEO of Valliance Bank, a $350 million bank in Oklahoma City, and also a member of FOTB’s Fifty State Banker Board, said, “I am gratified and proud that BankOnIT has become the first Corporate Friend of Friends of Traditional Banking. As a Corporate Friend of FOTB, BankOnIT has shown leadership in supporting our industry.”

Roger Beverage, President & CEO of the Oklahoma Bankers Association, and a member of the FOTB Executive Council, said, “We are delighted to have BankOnIT as our first Corporate Friend of FOTB, standing with community bankers in the goal of electing pro-banking candidates to Congress. Friends of Traditional Banking is working to help Washington understand how important it is to strengthen and maintain the ability of America’s hometown, main street banks to provide crucial services to their customers and to their communities.”

Friends of Traditional Banking is a non-partisan grassroots effort organized by bankers in 2012 to improve the political and regulatory environment for the traditional banking industry in the U.S. FOTB is the inverse of a PAC--instead of spreading a little bit of money to a lot of campaigns, they focus a lot of money on a couple of key campaigns.

BankOnIT was founded over 13 years ago through the efforts of a group of community bankers who saw a need to have information technology capabilities equal to or better than their largest competitors. Instead of banks spending on IT internally, BankOnIT provides IT as a service for many banks, which drives improved efficiency, reliability and information security while minimizing capital expenditures.