Colorado, Kansas and Missouri Banks Join Bankers Private Cloud®

More and more banks are joining BankOnIT’s Bankers Private Cloud® service.

Here is the reason why.

Banks are unique compared to the other businesses in their communities. Banks have requirements they must meet including having 100% uptime, maintaining a proven business continuity plan, upholding robust security and meeting the ever increasing regulatory requirements. All of these components must be met while also undergoing reoccurring audits and exams that test internal controls and a bank’s compliance with those regulations.

BankOnIT was founded with the specific mission of providing bankers a solution for these unique technology needs. BankOnIT’s Bankers Private Cloud® service is a hosted network technology platform that provides bankers the resources they need to improve efficiency, reliability and information security while minimizing a bank’s risk – including regulatory and strategic risks.
A Colorado bank recently joined the Bankers Private Cloud® service. The bank’s operations officer commented on the bank’s new partnership with BankOnIT.

“We compared BankOnIT to other vendors and found that what BankOnIT offered met our needs better than every other option we looked at. BankOnIT works; they have solved problems for us that others could not. You have no idea how happy BankOnIT makes me.”
-Operations Officer for a Colorado bank

BankOnIT combines a banking background with an in-depth understanding of technology through its staff of former bankers, examiners, and banking law and technical experts. This unique approach enables BankOnIT to deliver solutions that are specific to meeting the unique needs that banks have.

BankOnIT clients know their banks have secure, efficient and reliable information technology systems combined with the help needed to assist with ever-changing technology and regulatory requirements.

Discover the unique differences only BankOnIT can offer your bank and compare that to what you currently receive from other vendors by contacting BankOnIT at 800-498-8877, option 2, or at