More Banks Join Bankers Private Cloud® Service

Another Kansas bank recently joined the Bankers Private Cloud® service. While there are many great reasons for a bank to use BankOnIT’s Bankers Private Cloud® service, one reason stood out to this bank in particular.

This Kansas bank joined to obtain services that were not available from other vendors. The following is why they chose BankOnIT.

“Banks are unique. We have regulatory and service requirements that other business in our community simply don’t have. We chose BankOnIT because we have a high level of confidence in their being able to deliver the service and regulatory support we need.”
- Senior Vice President & Cashier of the Kansas bank

BankOnIT combines a banking background with an in-depth understanding of technology through its staff of former bankers, examiners and banking law and technical experts. This unique approach enables BankOnIT to deliver solutions that are specific to meeting the unique needs that banks have. Unlike most IT firms who support a variety of industries, BankOnIT only supports banks, which results in a level of expertise and experience that is unmatched by other vendors.

Client banks that utilize the Bankers Private Cloud® solution are able to add new employees, add locations, change software applications and have all of it available as needed without buying servers or hiring IT staff to support the growth of their banks. The solution improves efficiency, reliability and information security while minimizing a bank’s risks - including regulatory and strategic risks – that are present in today’s rapidly changing technology environment.

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