BankOnIT Deploys Virtual Engineers

BankOnIT has implemented a new service into its Banker’s Private Cloud® solution that allows technical issues to be addressed more accurately, more efficiently and with faster resolution times for client banks. These improved capabilities are only available through BankOnIT’s own virtual engineers.

The Bankers Private Cloud® Virtual Engineers utilize artificial intelligence (AI) decision support systems while simultaneously working alongside human engineers. The combination provides capabilities that are not possible with people or AI systems alone.

BankOnIT developed the virtual engineers within its Bankers Private Cloud® solution to collect and analyze the massive amounts of data relating to systems’ performance and security that flow through the firm’s own data centers. Designed to detect patterns and identify anomalies, the virtual engineers’ artificial intelligence systems are designed to take action when specific issues arise. Issues such as a failed hard drive in a storage cluster, a down Internet connection or a cybersecurity threat are only a few examples of issues that are automatically handled in less than seconds.

“Traditionally, most banks have left network performance, security and other issues to the employee to identify and report to the IT staff, with IT being an order taker and simply responding to employee requests when something breaks,” Robert Mendez, EVP at BankOnIT, said. “BankOnIT changes that dynamic by having the virtual engineers identify issues and do so faster than your employees or your IT staff could identify them. In many cases, these virtual engineers have automatically created a solution before the employee realizes there was an issue.” As a result, the bank gains productivity and efficiency in addition to having a more secure and resilient technology network.

Consider a cybersecurity threat, loss of connectivity, or other issues that might be reported by an employee. With historical IT solutions, these issues may be queued for hours before they can be addressed. If the outage occurs after hours it could take even longer to identify and resolve. Client banks using the Bankers Private Cloud® service benefit from the service’s virtual engineers because these engineers solve many problems almost instantaneously. This means bank employees don’t experience the problem in the first place. And, if the virtual engineer cannot resolve the issue, it’s seamlessly handed off to a human engineer at BankOnIT for resolution. Combining the virtual engineers with BankOnIT’s 24/7/365 technical staffing, banks receive around-the-clock response and remediation of cyber threats and technical issues.

“Introduction of the virtual engineers began in 2016, and due to their incredible success, we made the decision to immediately implement them for all of our Bankers Private Cloud® clients,” Mendez said.

The virtual engineers have been able to resolve 85% more cases automatically compared to a year ago. The ability to automatically detect and resolve issues has resulted in a substantial decrease in the number of support phone call requests from bank employees. By decreasing the number of times employees need to call for help, bankers like you are benefited by less technology based interruptions and improved productivity and efficiency from your employees.

Last year, BankOnIT introduced the Bankers Private Cloud® Threat Mitigation Shield. The Threat Mitigation Shield helps client banks better defend themselves against the rapidly increasing number of cybersecurity risks the financial industry is threatened with, such as ransomware. The virtual engineers were specifically designed to be integrated with the Threat Mitigation Shield, providing complementary benefits that enhance both services.

“We’re using the full resources of our firm’s capabilities to continuously create and provide client banks network technology solutions that allow them to drive efficiency, reduce risk and better compete in the markets they serve,” Mendez said. The impact technology is going to have on banks in the coming year will be huge. Bankers will decide if that impact will be positive or negative based on the decisions they are making now about how technology is managed in their banks.

For more information about how BankOnIT’s Virtual Engineers can improve the productivity of your staff and how you can fix the costs of your IT department, something to consider as rates - and likely inflation - rise in the coming years, contact us at 800-498-8877, option 2, or