Another Illinois Bank Signs up for BankOnIT’s Service

This Illinois bank came to BankOnIT because they needed a cost-effective, high-quality service to support its IT functions as they grow. BankOnIT allows banks to obtain IT as a service; providing enhanced security, better regulatory compliance and improved efficiency with infinite scalability to support the growth and strategic goals of the bank. BankOnIT was founded through the efforts of a group of bankers who saw a need to have information technology capabilities specifically designed to meet the needs of banks. This is what the bank’s Chairman had to say:

“We needed an IT solution that allowed for our bank employees to spend time focused on our customers, not working on resolving communication issues, printing problems or other technology distractions.”
- Chairman of the Illinois bank

BankOnIT monitors, manages and assists its clients 24/7/365 and combines banking background with an in-depth understanding of technology through its staff of former bankers, banking law and technical experts. This turns technology from being seen as a burden into being a source of strength, helping banks achieve their strategic objectives. This is how the same bank’s president views BankOnIT and it being a strength for them.

“We’re continuing to develop and know we need a full-service technology provider to manage our IT so we can focus on growing the bank. We toured BankOnIT’s facilities and were impressed with everything we saw.”
- President and CEO of the Illinois bank

BankOnIT regularly correlates and utilizes information from across all of its client banks for application-specific issues and for security and regulatory issues. Client banks benefit from BankOnIT’s use of its Virtual Engineers and artificial intelligence to provide banks quicker response times, faster resolutions, better security and enhanced reliability.

For more information about how BankOnIT provides information technology capabilities designed specifically to meet banks' needs, please contact BankOnIT at 800-498-8877, or