Serverless Computing

What if you never had to buy another server - ever again?

Imagine being able to grow, change and modify your bank’s computing needs at any time without worry of being tied to the historical limitations inherent in owning and running old-style servers. Did you know other bankers are already benefitting from these capabilities?

Serverless Computing allows you to do exactly that, and it’s a service in place today only for BankOnIT clients.

Growing, changing and modifying a bank’s computing needs has historically meant buying more equipment, hiring technical staff and worrying about keeping all of the servers in your bank secure, backed up and running 24/7/365. And, many times you feel locked into what you already own (due to remaining undepreciated amounts on your books). This results in being stuck with equipment that does not meet your needs and limits your ability to make decisions that would benefit your bank. Serverless computing allows banks the flexibility to increase and decrease the amount of data they store and modify or add software applications they use without the burden historically associated with server purchases.

Think of what it would mean for your bank if you could take nearly all of the software and applications running on servers in your bank today and run them in a serverless environment that provided improved security and reliability. And, when you needed a new server it was available to you much faster, without any additional charge and with all of the backups, maintenance and support included. It’s this type of flexibility that BankOnIT clients are benefiting from.

“Bankers don’t want to have to worry about what type of server they need to run a new lending application or how much storage they will need for the imaging program; they want the benefits those applications provide delivered in a secure, reliable and regulatory compliant manner,” Robert Mendez, EVP at BankOnIT, said.

Most other IT vendors sell banks servers and place those servers either at the bank or at the IT vendor’s third-party leased data center. Having your IT vendor sell you a server results in your bank taking on the risks of obsolescence, maintenance and security of those servers. Having a server you have purchased housed at your IT vendor’s vendor adds to those existing risks with more on-going due diligence requirements and added regulatory risks. This old-style relationship also creates financial risk by requiring the bank to buy more servers from the vendor when new applications or more storage is needed. As a result, every time the bank wants to make a change that will benefit the bank, the vendor sees it as an opportunity to sell the bank more equipment and other network components.

“Banks have gotten into a reoccurring cycle of every time they have a need for something – a solution for ransomware, more storage for the imaging system, a server for a new lending application - they have to buy more stuff from their IT vendor,” Mendez stated.

Serverless computing from BankOnIT breaks that cycle by giving control to the bank, providing the bank with the ability to choose the software and applications that make sense for them without requiring the bank to buy more servers and all the components needed to support those servers.

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