One Bank, Two Banks, Three Banks More – Welcome Kansas Bankers!

More bankers in Kansas have decided it is time for a change. In one month’s time, three Kansas banks selected BankOnIT’s Bankers Private Cloud® service to help them gain efficiencies, spend less time on IT and get better results than what they have previously been able to achieve.

BankOnIT combines banking background with an in-depth understanding of technology from its staff of more than 130 former bankers, banking law and technical experts. This delivers a very high level of technical knowledge and expertise to client bankers, allowing IT to become a source of strength for their banks and helping them achieve their strategic objectives. Additionally, BankOnIT’s unique service and economies of scale makes it the perfect solution for banks of all asset sizes.

One of the three most recent Kansas banks to sign up for the Bankers Private Cloud® had the following to say about BankOnIT.

“BankOnIT will allow us to compete effectively against the largest banks in other markets.”
-Senior Vice President of a Kansas bank

BankOnIT’s experience and capabilities in providing technology solutions exclusively for banks sets the company apart from other vendors. Investment in new capabilities and services are constantly being developed and implemented to help protect banks against cyber threats, such as ransomware, malware, phishing and other risks, while also providing greater efficiency.

“One of the many benefits our client banks gain with BankOnIT is the fact that the dozens of new capabilities and enhancements introduced into the Bankers Private Cloud® over the past 24 months have been added at no additional cost to the bank,” Robert Mendez, Executive Vice President at BankOnIT, said. “Virtually every other vendor sees threats, such as ransomware, as an opportunity to sell the bank another product or service. That’s not what we do. BankOnIT works to proactively identify emerging risks and is constantly making enhancements to its service at no additional cost to reduce the dramatically growing IT management and cybersecurity challenge.”

For more information about how BankOnIT can help remove your technology burdens so your bank can remain competitive with peers and bigger banks in the market, contact BankOnIT at 800-498-8877, option 2, or