482 More Reasons to Hire BankOnIT

482. That’s the number of tasks related to IT documentation that a typical financial institution needs to address in a calendar year.

That’s why BankOnIT has released FinITO™, your virtual Financial Institution Information Technology Officer. FinITO™ was created with your institution’s Board, IT Committee and IT Officer in mind. It helps identify, track, report and manage 482 information technology related compliance tasks your financial institution is responsible for completing to satisfy regulatory compliance demands.

Regulators are expecting more documentation and Board reporting than ever before. Information technology risks are rapidly expanding; financial institutions and their Boards must find a way to keep up with technology and the constantly increasing risks.

A service exclusive to BankOnIT’s Bankers Private Cloud® clients, FinITO™ is provided at no additional charge to Bankers Private Cloud® clients.

What are Clients Already Saying About it?

“I love it.”

“This is a real time saver.”

“You must have read my mind…”

“It’s going to allow me to delegate this work to an employee that is less experienced while getting better results.”

“It’s great!”

Instead of managing hundreds of tasks on your own, let FinITO™ help you manage them. And, at no additional cost, that makes 483 reasons why choosing BankOnIT is the smart choice to make. For more information, or to start more efficiently managing your regulatory tasks, contact BankOnIT at 800-498-8877, option 2, or at solutions@bankonitusa.com.