Two Banks in One Week

Last week, two Iowa banks decided there was a better way to manage IT. They both hired BankOnIT.

Better cybersecurity, more capabilities and keeping up-to-date with information technology were all reasons these banks decided to hire BankOnIT.

Like all financial institutions, these banks wanted solid cybersecurity capabilities and wanted to work with a technology partner that could keep them up-to-date with the rapidly changing cybersecurity and regulatory changes the banking industry is facing.

They also sought more capabilities that would allow them to spend less time on IT. They wanted to focus on achieving their banks’ strategic objectives and spend more time with their customers.

BankOnIT is the only firm offering the specialized range of services banks specifically need to address their unique regulatory and information technology requirements. And, BankOnIT is entirely hosted and supported in the USA.

For more information, or to find out how you can spend less time on IT and have more capabilities while getting better results, contact BankOnIT at 800-498-8877, option 2, or at