It’s What BankOnIT Does

Equifax is a credit bureau. Sonic is a fast food chain. Deloitte is an accounting firm. All of these firms have IT departments, and each may also have some people who are responsible for cybersecurity. Yet each of these firms has had a well publicized cybersecurity breach in the past few weeks, with Equifax having a seemingly endless occurrence of cybersecurity issues. And they’re not alone; Target, Sony, HBO - there is an ever growing list of companies that are encountering cybersecurity breaches.

Why is this occurring? While reports in the news media typically point to a single weakness (such as using default Admin credentials as Equifax supposedly did for a server that contained employee credentials and was accessible from the Internet) that is only a symptom and not a cause of why these issues are occurring. The real reason these events are occurring at these firms is likely because information technology, and specifically cybersecurity, is not the primary line of business for these firms. If you are working at a company that makes movies, sells retail goods or cooks thousands of hamburgers a day, nearly every employee at the company, and likely everyone on the board and in executive management at the company, are focused on the business of cooking hamburgers or gathering and selling credit reporting data on nearly every adult in the USA. Cybersecurity is, for many firms, a sideline, a support function or simply not understood by almost every person at the company.

At BankOnIT, all we do is provide information technology and cybersecurity capabilities to banks. While we each have different tasks, everyone at BankOnIT knows that our ultimate job is to provide client banks secure, reliable and responsive information technology capabilities. Information technology and security is not a sideline or add-on product at BankOnIT; it is what we do every single day.

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