More Banks Choose BankOnIT

What would your day look like if you had IT capabilities that provided better reliability, increased security, fewer problems and a better outcome? More banks are choosing BankOnIT as the way for them to accomplish these objectives.

“Each of the client banks that select BankOnIT have individual motivations for doing so; however, they all have a shared common goal,” Robert Mendez, BankOnIT EVP, said. “They want more capabilities and better outcomes than what they are currently achieving from other vendors or on their own, while also spending less time and effort on IT. That is exactly what BankOnIT provides.”

A bank in Wisconsin recently chose BankOnIT as a way to help reduce its business continuity and cybersecurity risks while also gaining a broader and deeper bench of talent. This is helping them keep up with today’s rapidly changing technology environment and the increased regulatory requirements in the banking industry.

Another bank in Missouri valued the completeness of BankOnIT’s service, which allowed them to eliminate multiple other vendors and reduce service gaps between the vendors that create security, reliability and responsiveness risks.

And a bank in Kansas chose BankOnIT as way to gain more capabilities and to allow for a smooth transition when existing IT staff retired, without hiring more people.

BankOnIT created and provides the Bankers Private Cloud®, an outcome-based solution for financial institutions. Financial institutions are able to achieve their strategic objectives through the Bankers Private Cloud® in way that helps them to be confident in the security, reliability, capability and scalability of their information technology solutions.

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