Are You Confident Your Customers’ Data Is Safe?

This week, National Data Privacy Day was celebrated. Data Privacy Day is an international effort to create awareness about the importance of respecting privacy, safeguarding data and enabling trust.

Beginning in the United States in 2008, it serves as an annual reminder to all of us about how important the privacy of our own personal data is.

Data privacy is one of the cornerstones of your bank’s business. Your customers must know that your bank is keeping their data secure in a world of constant news reports of more and more breaches at companies who hold private customer information. If the country’s largest organizations such as Equifax and Target can fall victim to hacks and cyber attacks, how can you be confident that YOUR bank is safe and that you are doing all you can to protect your customers’ data?

Choosing a trusted partner to secure and protect your bank along with the data you hold is key. BankOnIT developed its Banker’s Private Cloud® with this in mind. BankOnIT’s comprehensive solution provides the reliability, security and efficiency your bank needs to stay up-to-date against the rapidly increasing number and complexity of cyber threats. And, the Bankers Private Cloud® is scalable, meaning that as your bank grows you won’t be faced with having to continually buy and replace systems that no longer meet your needs.

As you think about Data Privacy Day, ask yourself, are you confident your customers’ data is safe? For more information on how to help keep your bank secure, contact BankOnIT at 800-498-8877, option 2, or